Why We Choose to Be Your Dental Team in Reading, MA

Feb 14, 2020
Why We Choose to Be Your Dental Team in Reading, MA
Bringing Comprehensive Dental Care to Beautiful Reading, MA For over a decade Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi worked as an associate dentist in Boston, MA, before deciding to venture out on her own in 2007.

Bringing Comprehensive Dental Care to Beautiful Reading, MA

For over a decade Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi worked as an associate dentist in Boston, MA, before deciding to venture out on her own in 2007. Dr. Sadeghi chose to open First Dental Associates in Reading, MA, to bring her own style of compassionate dental care to families living in and around the local community.

But why did we choose Reading? It will come as no surprise to current Reading residents that our town is a wonderful place to live in and raise a family. We rank as one of the top 20 places to live in Massachusetts thanks to our low crime rates, healthy economy, fantastic education systems, and the number of activities and events in the surrounding area. Reading has a warm, small-town feel that simply makes it a great place to live.

We show our love for Reading by striving to provide the highest level of dentistry excellence we can to our fellow community members.

Get to know Dr. Sadeghi and the skilled First Dental Associates team.

Dr. Sadeghi’s vision for First Dental Associates is to bring together a team to help her create a dental office that provides “expert dental care you need with the comfort and convenience that makes their family dentistry unique.”

In addition to Dr. Sadeghi, fellow dentists Dr. Medha Singh and Dr. Alan Tang bring their own experience and knowledge in all areas of dentistry, including periodontology and endodontics. You can learn more about Dr. Sadeghi, Dr. Singh, and Dr. Tang on the Meet the Doctors webpage.

Every successful dental office needs a skilled care team to assist and First Dental Associates is no different. We are grateful for every person on our staff, many of whom are fellow Reading residents. You can meet our staff virtually, including our office manager, insurance coordinator, hygienists, and assistants on our Meet the Team webpage.

We know how overwhelming it can feel to visit a new dental office, especially if you have some dental-related anxiety. By visiting our website and reading a little about our team members, you’ll be able to relax knowing you’ll be seeing familiar faces.

Our goal is to provide quality dental care for everyone in your family.

We might not be the only family dentist in Reading, but the difference with our practice is our dedication to our patients’ comfort. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of dental services by focusing on compassionate care towards our patients coupled with the latest tech in modern dentistry.

Our services cover general dentistry as well as orthodontics, cosmetic, and periodontal care. We have a strong focus on preventative dentistry—our guiding principle here at First Dental Associates is that it’s always better to prevent oral health problems rather than treat them after they occur. We achieve this by providing professional cleanings, routine screenings for oral cancer and other issues, and supplying custom mouthguards for tooth protection.

When problems with our patients’ oral health do arise, we’ll turn to modern restorative dentistry procedures to do our very best to save the tooth in question. When too much damage has been done, we help our patients maintain a beautiful smile by offering dental implants, bridges, and similar solutions.

While traditional braces aren’t a service we provide, we do supply Invisalign to our teenage and adult patients seeking orthodontic treatment. We find that this is generally a preferred option as it saves our patients from any self-confidence issues relating to traditional metal braces.

Our cosmetic dentistry services include Snap on Smile and professional teeth whitening, performed by Dr. Sadeghi. Dr. Singh specializes in our periodontal care while Dr. Tang is our expert when it comes to root canal therapy.

We truly pride ourselves in being a full-service family dentist that can provide all aspects of dental care under one roof, minimizing the need for outside referrals.

What to expect as a new patient at First Dental Associates.

Here at First Dental Associates, we know how important it is to make a great first impression with our new patients. We want you to make you feel as comfortable as possible and trust that you’re in good hands with Dr. Sadeghi and her team.

Unless you happen to have an immediate dental emergency that needs to be addressed, such as a toothache, most of our patients’ first appointments go the same.

You’ll arrive at our welcoming office (check out a virtual tour here) and be greeted by our reception staff. We recommend you arrive about 10 minutes early to fill out new patient forms. Once your paperwork is complete and you’re checked in you’ll be brought back to an exam room by one of the dental team members. From there you’ll relax in one of our comfortable chairs and have a number of x-rays taken so we can assess your current dental health.

After your x-rays have been reviewed, Dr. Sadeghi will come into the exam room to meet you and discuss your oral health. She’ll explain what she sees on your x-rays, examine your mouth visually, and may even get you started on a treatment plan if she finds any trouble spots, such as an untreated cavity. Once the exam with Dr. Sadeghi is complete, a dental hygienist will perform a professional cleaning.

Before leaving, you’ll once again stop at reception to check out, discuss payment options, and schedule your next appointment.

Interested in joining the First Dental Associates family?

There’s nothing we love more than to see new smiles in our office. If you’re interested in meeting Dr. Sadeghi and the team, you can either visit our office or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

You can find our office hours and see a map of our location on our website’s Contact Us page. If you’re ready to join our family and become a patient, feel free to check out the New Patient Forms webpage to fill out any necessary paperwork. This will help us get you entered into our system more quickly and ensure your first appointment goes as smoothly as possible.

We can’t wait to meet you and learn how we can help you with all of your dental needs.