Treat Yourself To A Better Smile With Invisalign

Nov 26, 2016
Treat Yourself To A Better Smile With Invisalign
Christmas is approaching fast. While you pick out gifts for the people you care about, don’t forget yourself. Find out how Invisalign® could give you the smile you want to share with the world.

Christmas is approaching fast. While you pick out gifts for the people you care about, don’t forget yourself. Find out how Invisalign® could give you the smile you want to share with the world.

Is there a better present to share than a great smile?

Millions of adults go through orthodontic treatment every year to fix mild or moderate misalignments with their teeth. Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment that is a discreet way to make the changes that you want to see.

We offer Invisalign at First Dental Associates because we want all our patients to be happy with their smiles. Several patients have used Invisalign to straighten their teeth with support from Dr. Sadeghi and the staff at our dentist office in Reading, MA.

Schedule a consultation today if you are tired of looking at your crooked smile. Invisalign may be the treatment you need to feel more confident about your teeth.

Invisalign: An Adult Alternative To Braces

Dr. Sadeghi wants every patient to leave First Dental Associates with a satisfied smile on his or her face. At the same time, she wants our patients to be satisfied with their smiles.

Many adults did not go through orthodontic care when they were younger. Others did, but their teeth have relapsed or started drifting back toward their original positions. Unfortunately, many people who would benefit from orthodontics are hesitant to begin treatment. Why? Because they don’t want to wear braces.

If you are a working adult, you may worry that wearing braces may affect how you are perceived by co-workers, clients, and customers. Aside from the potential distractions of wearing braces, you also may be put off by the stories you’ve heard or your previous experience with braces.

Invisalign is a great option for many patients who are dealing with mild or moderate alignment issues. With Invisalign, you don’t wear brackets or wires on your teeth. You don’t have to have your braces tightened regularly to keep your teeth moving.

And you won’t have to worry about your orthodontic treatment becoming a distraction for others.

Invisalign’s clear aligners are practically invisible when they are placed over your teeth. You may be surprised by how few people realize you are wearing them. This can help you feel more comfortable using them at work, in public, and in private social situations.

Invisalign Can Fix Crooked Teeth

Alignment problems are among the most common reasons people consider orthodontics. You already know that braces can fix those issues. What you need to know is what Invisalign can do.

Here are the alignment problems you can treat with Invisalign:

▸ Crooked teeth

▸ Crowded teeth

▸ Gaps between teeth

You may see one or more of these issues when you look in the mirror. For many patients, Invisalign can be as effective as braces for treating these issues.

With braces, brackets and wires push and pull teeth where the patient wants them to go. With Invisalign, custom-made plastic aligners will gently push your teeth until they are straight.

Dr. Sadeghi would be happy to discuss how Invisalign or other kinds of cosmetic dentistry can address these issues. She and the rest of our staff want you to see a smile that you that you like when you look in the mirror.

Invisalign Can Address Your Bite Issues

In a way, bite issues are an alignment problem, too. The difference is that these issues have more to do with how your top and bottom teeth fit together.

They include:

▸ Crossbites

▸ Open bites

▸ Overbites

▸ Underbites

You may be familiar with some of these. Others may be new to you.

Overbites occur when someone’s top teeth stick out over their bottom teeth when they close their jaw. Underbites are the opposite, when the bottom row stick out further than the top row.

A cross bite happens when the top and bottom teeth overlap one another. This means the top row sticks out more in some places and the bottom row sticks out more in others.

An open bite occurs when you close your jaw, but you still have a gap between your top and bottom rows of teeth. Open bites sometimes develop as a result of habitual behavior like pushing your tongue against your teeth or due to genetics.

Bite issue can cause wear and tear on teeth, or they may make it more difficult to bite and chew food. In any case, Invisalign can be used to realign your rows of teeth so they are in line with each other.

Find Out If Invisalign Could Help You

We wish we could promise that Invisalign would work for everyone. To find out if it is a good option for you, you should let Dr. Sadeghi examine your teeth and jaw.

She can tell you know if Invisalign or another option is the right way to help you create a smile of your dreams.

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