Starting Your Day off Right With a Morning Routine

Feb 23, 2021
Starting Your Day off Right With a Morning Routine
Create your perfect morning routine. Morning routines help us get started on a positive and productive path for the day. When we leverage a morning routine, it allows us to control our schedules rather than letting our schedule...

Create your perfect morning routine.

Morning routines help us get started on a positive and productive path for the day. When we leverage a morning routine, it allows us to control our schedules rather than letting our schedule and all the things we need to do control us. With each start of a new day, we have the opportunity to focus on what is in front of us, determining the path we will take.

Not only can a morning routine help us to be more positive and productive, but it can also help us with both our physical and mental health. Don’t worry, many of us are morgenmuffels that wake up grumpy. It’s totally fine if you aren’t a morning person. But by setting a morning routine, you may find that you are more likely to embrace the morning over time.

If you are looking for tips on how to create a successful morning routine, check out our list below of 8 ways you can start your morning off right.

8 Ways to Start Your Morning Off Right

Did you know that most people are more productive in the morning? Sure, night owls can get a lot done too. But when you think about it, it only makes sense that we have more energy in the morning after a restful night’s sleep. And thus, we can turn that energy into productivity. However, the challenge is turning that energy into something useful, and of course, the best way to do that is with a solid morning routine.

1. Start your morning routine the night before.

Yes, we know this might sound like a direct conflict with what we’ve just said. But it’s true. Putting some bedtime strategies in place can help you get a good night’s sleep and set you up for success the next day. So once it is time for you to hit the sack, start by turning off the television and brushing your teeth. Going to bed with a clean mouth is good for your oral health and is just one more thing you can do as part of a self-care regimen.

2. Determine your wake-up time and stick to it.

When we set our alarm clocks with just minutes to spare, we do ourselves an injustice. Starting the day in a rush or a panic isn’t good for the body and can lead to unhealthy habits. If you are sleeping until the last minute, chances are you could benefit from an earlier bedtime.

3. Make your bed.

Why is your trusted family dentist suggesting that you make your bed first thing in the morning? It’s not just because we’re neat freaks. Instead, we know that accomplishing a task on your to-do list first thing in the morning provides you with the opportunity to check something off your list. If you are someone who’s motivated by checking off a task list, you may find that making your bed each day helps set you on the right foot to accomplish whatever it is that is next on your list.

4. Drink eight to 10 ounces of water.

We all know the benefits of drinking water. Consuming a full glass of water first thing in the morning can help set up our metabolism for the day and rid our mouths of any bacteria that built up in our mouths throughout the night.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason, and this stems from the very word we use for this meal: breakfast. Breakfast stands for “break fast,” which means that we consume the meal after we have fasted throughout the night while we were sleeping. When we eat a healthy meal first thing in the morning, it restores our bodies’ energy and nutrients. There are plenty of healthy breakfast food options that are good for your body as well as your teeth, including whole-grain cereals, smoothies, yogurt, and omelets.

6. Get in some physical activity.

If time allows, especially if you give yourself extra time to get ready in the morning, try to get in some exercise before your day gets going. Take Fido for a walk or do some push-ups or sit-ups. Strive to get in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise every day, and don’t forget the importance of immune-boosting and stress management activities too.

7. Don’t skip your dental care.

No matter how much of a hurry you might be in, getting in your morning dental care routine is a must. Whether you have braces or not, proper tooth-brushing and flossing and a morning rinse with some mouthwash will leave your mouth feeling fresh, clean, and healthy. When we skip our brushing and flossing, we subject ourselves to oral health risks such as gum disease, which includes gingivitis and periodontitis. Preventing periodontitis needs to be at the top of our oral healthcare goals, and when we love our teeth, we tend to love ourselves more too.

8. Listen to something positive.

Though many of us are working from home these days, if you have the opportunity or still have a commute to work, flip on the radio or a podcast and listen to something that makes you feel good. There are a variety of self-care podcasts available for free streaming on the internet. If you aren’t into motivational speeches, consider listening to something funny. A good laugh can help release endorphins and is also an excellent way to start your day.

Need help with your morning routine? Create a mind map of your life goals.

When we struggle to get ourselves into a healthy routine, it can be helpful to step back and consider what is important in our lives. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of mind mapping, we encourage you to explore it a bit. A mind map serves as a way for you to capture all of the thoughts that are lurking inside of your head. When you collect your thoughts and ideas on paper via a mind map, you can better sort out what is important to you and what is not.

With the start of a new year, now is as good a time as any to start mapping out your life goals. Where is it that you want to be in one year, two years, five years, or the rest of your life? How are you doing on your bucket list? Are there any medical or dental goals you have been depriving yourself of, such as eating healthier, practicing better dental care and oral hygiene, or thinking more positively? Self-care is essential to your health and it isn’t something you should think of as selfish.

Let First Dental Associates support you with your mind-mapping and morning routine.

While we can’t be there with you each morning to help inspire you for the day, we can provide you with some great self-care and oral hygiene tips. When our mouths are happy, it passes through to other parts of our bodies too. If it’s been a while since we have seen you or you need a new family dentist in Reading, MA, the First Dental Associates team would love to help. Give us a call at (781) 423-8138 or request an appointment online.

We can’t wait to see you and help you with tips for a more successful day.