Have Missing Teeth? You Should Consider Dental Implants

Apr 07, 2023
Have Missing Teeth? You Should Consider Dental Implants
If you have missing teeth, that might be taking a toll on your self-confidence, as well as your oral health. Find out why you should choose dental implants to replace those missing teeth here.

It’s currently estimated that around 3 million people in the United States get dental implants every year, and the number continues to grow significantly. So, that begs the question: Why are so many people choosing dental implants over alternative teeth replacements like bridges and dentures?

The answer is simply that dental implants have so many benefits, with one of the most important being that they can greatly improve your oral health.

Nasrin Sadeghi, DMD, and Medha Singh, BDS, DMD, MS, and the rest of our team at First Dental Associates want you to understand that getting dental implants for missing teeth is important for your oral health and self-confidence. Here, we provide information on what they are and how they can benefit you.

Explaining dental implants

Dental implants are used to replace any of your missing teeth. This is done by anchoring titanium posts into your jawbone that act as the new roots for your teeth. After these are placed, an artificial tooth – or crown – is placed over them. Over time, the artificial root will fuse with your jawbone, which makes dental implants a long-term solution to missing teeth.

In order to qualify for dental implants, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have one or more missing teeth
  • You have sufficient bone to which to attach implants
  • You have healthy oral tissue
  • You have a fully developed jawbone

You can also get dental implants if you want to avoid getting dentures and all the maintenance that comes with them.

The benefits of dental implants

There are several advantages to choosing dental implants, since they function just like your other teeth. Some of the benefits of dental implants include:

  • They keep your jawbone healthy and your bone structure intact
  • They allow you to eat a healthy diet without worry.
  • They give you access to clean surrounding teeth.

All of these things help preserve and protect your natural teeth by fighting against tooth decay and gum disease. This means your overall oral health will improve. 

Plus, dental implants have a 97% success rate after 10 years and should last you a lifetime.

What to expect from dental implant surgery

Before the procedure begins, our team administers general anesthesia. Then, your provider makes an incision in your gums to gain access to your jawbone. Next, we drill a small hole into your jawbone, then place the implant. This surgery takes about 6-12 weeks to heal. 

After you’ve recovered from the implant surgery, our team takes digital impressions in order to create custom-made replacement teeth. At your final appointment, these are placed on your new implants.

If you have missing teeth and are ready to replace them and improve your oral health, contact our office in Reading, Massachusetts, by giving us a call at 781-438-1312 or by using our online booking tool to schedule an appointment with us today.