Dental Crowns, Bridges Will Bring Your Smile Back

Nov 15, 2016
Dental Crowns, Bridges Will Bring Your Smile Back
Dental crowns are the building blocks of restorative dentistry. They can be used to restore damaged teeth. They can be combined to build (dental) bridges to fill in gaps caused by lost teeth.

Dental crowns are the building blocks of restorative dentistry. They can be used to restore damaged teeth. They can be combined to build (dental) bridges to fill in gaps caused by lost teeth.

If your smile isn’t what it once was, if something is missing from your smile, then contact First Dental Associates. Our dentist office is located in Reading, MA, and our patients come from Gloucester, Medford, Stoneham, Woburn, and everywhere in between.

The reason patients are willing to travel to see us is because of the personal care and professional service they receive from Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi and the rest of our staff.

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What We Offer Our Patients

We know that we aren’t the only dentist office you could visit, but we strive to offer something you won’t find at just any practice. We combine modern technology with a personal touch.

Dr. Sadeghi graduated from Boston University’s Goldman School of Dentistry, then spent 10 years working as an associate dentist in Boston. In that time, she enhanced her dental knowledge and skills.

She also was learning something else equally important — how patients should be treated. At her own practice, she is sensitive to each individual patient, and she is happy to listen to your concerns and needs with regard to dental care.

It’s also why it’s important to keep a friendly, personable staff. We don’t want you to feel like you are walking into a cold, sterile, clinical office. We want you to feel like you are visiting friends when you come to see us.

This makes a difference whether you are getting a cleaning or a dental crown. If you are new to the area or looking for a new dentist, we hope you will stop by to see us.

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When A Dental Crown Is Your Best Option

Dental crowns can be used to fix a variety of dental issues, such as:

☐ Broken or chipped teeth

☐ Worn down teeth

☐ Misshapen teeth

☐ Cracked teeth

☐ Decayed teeth

☐ Infected teeth

☐ Missing teeth

The process of getting a dental crown is similar for broken chipped, cracked, decayed, misshapen, and worn down teeth. It starts when we remove the outer layers of the tooth. This allows us to form an abutment using healthy parts of a tooth.

Your permanent dental crown will be crafted from ceramic materials. We use zirconia, e.max, and Lava so your dental crown looks as natural as your real teeth. These crowns also are strong enough to stand up to daily use, so you will be able to continue eating the foods that you enjoy,

For infected teeth, dental crowns can be the final step in a root canal treatment. After the infection is removed and your tooth has been filled with a special material, the dental crown seals and protects the tooth against another infection.

For a missing tooth, we pair a dental crown with a dental implant. The implant is placed in your jawbone to replace the root of your missing tooth. The dental crown is attached to restore the appearance and the function of the lost tooth.

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Close The Gaps In Your Smile With Dental Bridges

Dental crowns with dental implants are an effective way to replace an individual tooth. What should you do if you are missing two, three, or more teeth?

You should get a dental bridge. We offer both traditional and implant-supported bridges. In either case, the bridge is formed by fusing dental crowns together to fill in the empty space in your smile.

To get a traditional bridge, we would make abutments from the teeth on either side of where your missing teeth once were. The outside crowns of the dental bridge are bonded to these abutment teeth to hold the bridge in place.

Dental implants can provide added security and stability, and they don’t require you to do anything to healthy teeth. One or more implants can be enough to hold the dental bridge in place depending on how many teeth are being replaced.

Dr. Sadeghi can discuss the benefits of each kind of dental bridge so you can pick the right one for your needs.

Restoring Smiles By Repairing, Replacing Teeth

Dental crowns and bridges are an invaluable tool in our restorative care. Either can help you feel confident about your smile again and feel comfortable eating the foods that you love.

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