4 Flaws Easily Corrected With a Drill-Free Snap-on Smile

May 11, 2023
4 Flaws Easily Corrected With a Drill-Free Snap-on Smile
If you’re looking to correct some issues with your smile, look no further than Snap-On Smile® – a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Find out just some of the flaws this treatment can address here.

If you’re dissatisfied with your smile for any number of reasons — maybe you don’t like the shape of your teeth or how uneven they are — you might be wondering about options to improve its appearance.

Fortunately, myriads of options for correcting your smile exist, no matter the reason you’re unhappy with it. One of the cosmetic dentistry treatments offered at First Dental Associates in Reading, Massachusetts, is Snap-On Smile®. Nasrin Sadeghi, DMD, and Medha Singh, BDS, DMD, MS, and the rest of our team review the treatment, the aesthetic issues it can correct, and how the process works.

Explaining Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile is an innovative and affordable alternative when it comes to full mouth reconstruction options. It’s a custom-made denture that snaps right on top of your existing teeth, which makes it different from traditional dentures, which typically require removal of your teeth. Snap-On Smile is also removable and more affordable than other treatments like dental veneers or implants.  

What Snap-On Smile can address

One of the many benefits about Snap-On Smile is that it can correct quite a few smile flaws. Here are four of the things it can address:


  • Tooth discoloration: If your teeth are stained for any number of reasons, Snap-On Smile can cover them up and give you a bright, white smile.
  • Misshapen teeth: Snap-On Smile can correct teeth that are too long or too short or just an undesired shape.
  • Tooth gaps: If you have issues with spacing or gaps in between your teeth, Snap-On Smile can give you the evenly spaced teeth you want.
  • Crooked teeth: If your teeth are crooked or you have a misaligned bite, Snap-On Smile can straighten your smile and correct your bite.


If you’re struggling with any or all of these smile cosmetic issues, consider Snap-On Smile to easily correct them.

How the Snap-On Smile process works

It takes a few visits to complete the Snap-On Smile process. To begin, you meet with our team for a consultation. We then take an impression of your upper and lower teeth and send the molds off to the lab to get your custom dentures made. At your next appointment, you’ll receive your brand new Snap-On Smile.

Next steps

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, don’t hesitate to talk with our First Dental Associates team to see if Snap-On Smile is right for you.

To get more information about this cosmetic dentistry process, call our office at 781-438-1312 or use our online booking tool to schedule an appointment with us today.