10 Occasions When It’s Great to Have White Teeth

Mar 09, 2021
10 Occasions When It’s Great to Have White Teeth
A white smile brightens any special occasion. There’s no denying it: people love the power of a bright, confident smile. It might be because a white set of teeth point to health, wealth, and youth or the razzle of a dazzling smile simply spreads joy...

A white smile brightens any special occasion.

There’s no denying it: people love the power of a bright, confident smile. It might be because a white set of teeth point to health, wealth, and youth or the razzle of a dazzling smile simply spreads joy wherever it shines. We’ll leave the answers to the scientists and researchers. What we do know are the special occasions when it’s great to have white teeth.

1. Job Interview

Ah, yes, we’ve all been there—sweaty palms, shaky legs, and air that just can’t seem to get past your throat. Job interviews can stress out even the best of us. You prepare for the “why are you the best fit for this position?” and the “how much would you like to earn in this position?” conversation. Some of us even go so far as to pick out a lucky suit or briefcase.

Bottom line: we do a lot of work to put our best foot forward before an interview. One thing, however, that often gets overlooked is the power of a dazzling set of white teeth to go with your firm handshake. If your smile features discolored or stained dentures, you might miss a step when impressing hiring managers.

2. Weddings

Whether it’s your wedding, your brother’s, or a co-worker’s, this is one special occasion you want your smile to look its best. For one thing, there’ll be lots of photos. Many images are taken next to either someone wearing white or (if you’re unlucky) a guest with white teeth. Wouldn’t it be nice when you peruse the pictures with the grandkids to find a bright attractive smile looking back at you?

3. Graduation

The last day of graduate school is always exciting, especially if there’s a big celebration planned to send you off with a bang. Once the pencils are down in your final paper, it’s a race to find the perfect outfit, get a cap and gown, and confirm whether your friends and family can make it to the big celebration. Remember to also get your teeth professionally whitened so you can have a bright smile in all your photos.

4. Reunions

On the surface, college and high school reunions are about reconnecting with old friends, sharing some laughs, and reminiscing about the good old days before kids and mortgage payments. In reality, everyone is measuring you up and you’ll soon have the insecurities of the past being thrust into the present. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Reunions also offer a great opportunity to present your new self—and you won’t have to shed those pesky 20 pounds. Professional teeth whitening will give you the confidence boost you need to smile from ear to ear and start making new memories.

5. First Date

Are you dipping your toes back in the dating pool? Coffee- or smoke-stained teeth can make you appear so much older than you are—which is just no way to look when chatting up a romantic interest. If Hollywood movies are to be believed, no one reveals their correct age on a first date. Don’t let your teeth do it for you. Dentists in Reading, MA can give you back your youth, helping you take the dating scene by storm and really swing for the fences with a set of beautiful white teeth.

6. Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year… ’tis the season to smile and make merry. From relatives to co-workers at the office Christmas party, everyone will put their best foot (read: smile) forward. Grinning ear to ear will come naturally to you when you’re sure your smile shows off your white and bright set of teeth.

7. Birthdays

Celebrating your birthday is great—when you’re 21 and just got the government’s okay to start drinking in bars. Checking off your 40s or even 30s milestones is more emotionally taxing than fun. What was once a joyous occasion becomes another reminder of your age. While we can’t stop ourselves from getting older, a recent Harvard study revealed simply having a whiter set of teeth makes you appear five years younger. Dr. Sadeghi can help Reading, MA residents get white teeth so they can smile brightly through all their birthday milestones and celebrate a life well-lived.

8. Seeing an Ex

Meeting up with a former love interest can have you questioning your appearance. Did you make the right choice switching from blond to brunette? Do the six months in Italy indulging in cheese and wine show around your waist? Lucky for you, none of the above really matters.

Researchers from the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire found that women with white teeth were deemed more attractive. So, before you renew your gym membership or rush off to the store for some dye, know this—a killer smile can make your ex wish they’d done things differently.

9. Anniversaries

If your family is anything like mine, the coffee table in the house you grew up in is chock-full of photos. Pictures of you in the bath at age 4, your first day of school, and blurry images of you being chased by the neighbor’s dog. Once you tie the knot, you might consider adapting the family tradition so you’ll have a record of all those special moments you shared with your spouse. You’ll always have something to look back on as you celebrate your first anniversary or even your 60th. A dazzling set of white teeth can add to your attractiveness throughout the years and make you even happier in your choice of spouse.

10. Vacation

The whole point of taking time away from work is to unwind, relax, and explore new interests or hobbies. Few things can beat the confidence boost you’ll get from having your teeth whitened. You’ll feel more attractive and ready to shed off the stress and anxieties associated with your nine-to-five. So next time you’re planning a vacation, add a trip to a dentist near you to your checklist and thank us later.

Life is full of special occasions that are made even better with white teeth. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll get you camera-ready in no time.