10 Facts About Dental Implants

Jan 23, 2021
10 Facts About Dental Implants
Restore your smile with dental implants. Missing teeth can result in negative consequences for your self-esteem and ability to speak and eat properly. Certain sounds can’t be pronounced without specific teeth in place...

Restore your smile with dental implants.

Missing teeth can result in negative consequences for your self-esteem and ability to speak and eat properly. Certain sounds can’t be pronounced without specific teeth in place, and chewing can be quite a challenge, especially if you are missing an incisor or molar. But, thanks to dental implants, you can experience the following benefits:

  • No need to worry about loose dentures
  • Renewed ability to smile, speak, and eat with confidence
  • Improved oral health

Dental implants, also known as tooth implants or denture implants, are placed into your jawbone through a surgical procedure. These implants serve as the roots for your missing teeth. Bio-active titanium binds with the bone in your jaw so your implants won’t slip, make noise, or cause any damage to your bones.

The dentists at First Dental Associates in Reading, MA, can use dental implants to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. In fact, with just a few anchors, an entire row of missing teeth can easily be replaced by dental implants, thus eliminating the need for dentures. For those who have had to deal with partial or full dentures, need a tooth extracted, or are missing teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants.

Read on to learn 10 exciting facts about dental implants.

1. If you have been prone to cavities in the past, you should know that dental implants can’t get cavities.

2. Dental implants are just as strong as your natural teeth. Not only are they strong, but we design them to closely match the look and feel of your natural teeth in terms of strength and durability. With your new implants, you will be able to bite and chew just like you could when you had your natural teeth.

3. Dental implants require attention and care. Although they can’t get cavities, they still need proper maintenance. And with the appropriate care, they can last your entire lifetime. This means you should brush and floss daily to protect the gums that surround your implant.

4. Since your dental implants are made from titanium, you’ll have something in common with spaceships and warplanes. And though we are completely serious about the spaceships and warplanes, titanium is used to make other items that aren’t affiliated with superheroes (real or imaginary). Titanium is commonly used in tennis rackets, jewelry, prosthetics, goalie masks, bicycle frames, surgical tools, scissors, mobile phones, and other cool long-lasting products — and your dental implants are no different.

5. Dental implant surgery is not a complicated procedure. Even though dental implant surgery requires us to implant a prosthesis into your jawbone, it is a routine procedure and has a very high success rate. It’s important to know that the success rate is higher than ever, thanks to bone grafting, modern technology, and surgeons who specialize in dental implants. When doing your next online search for “dental implants near me in Reading, MA,” be sure to check out what we have to offer at First Dental Associates. Dr. Sadeghi, Dr. Singh, and Dr. Tang are all highly experienced professionals in dental implant surgery.

6. Dental implant recovery is tolerable. Many patients worry about how long it will take to recover from dental implant surgery, but taking care of your mouth after your dental implant surgery isn’t all that complicated. After your implant procedure, the number one objective is to keep the surgical site clean to lessen the chance of infection. Your dentist will prescribe saltwater rinses to keep your mouth disinfected, as well as a soft food diet for a short period after your surgery.

7. The cost of dental implants will vary for everyone. Suppose you want to know how much dental implants cost. In that case, you will need to consider your current oral health, whether or not you will need any other dental treatments first, the amount of healthy bone in your jaw, and the type of dental insurance and coverage you have. For this reason, it is hard to ascertain precisely how much implants will cost you. However, it would help if you also weighed the implants’ benefits with their cost. For example, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime when taken care of properly. They can prevent bone loss from occurring in the jaw and are the closest you can get to real teeth regarding how they behave. Further, implants help to control facial sagging, which is common with traditional dentures or tooth loss.

8. It takes five or six steps to get your dental implants. This may seem like a time-consuming process, but the resulting impact can save a great deal of time throughout your lifetime. All you need to do to care for your implants is practice a proper oral hygiene routine and see the dentists at First Dental Associates twice a year for routine cleanings and an oral assessment.

9. You will not need to change your diet if you have dental implants. Though we will always suggest a healthy diet that is properly balanced, you can eat what you want, even nuts and apples, which can be challenging for someone with dentures.

10. If you have had periodontal disease in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t get implants. Most people are candidates for dental implants, though it is a common misconception that those with periodontitis can’t receive them. Once your gum disease is under control, your dentist can assess your candidacy for dental implants.

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